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How I Found The Courage

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I was so frustrated and confused by conflicting health advice, that I decided to do the research myself. To my surprise, it seemed like everything I thought I knew about health was wrong!

Who knew that a low-fat diet was terrible for you? I certainly didn’t!

Armed with the correct information, I transformed my body. I lost weight and had more energy than ever before. Even my mind felt sharper! I had cracked the health code, and I was thrilled. I found myself talking passionately about health to everybody who would listen. I was always thrilled to hear that someone had put my advice into practice and felt better for it.

It began to dawn on me that no matter how loud I shouted about health, very few people would hear me. The idea of writing a book seemed like an impossible task. Yet, I knew that I could help people transform their health, just as I had done. I understood that people didn’t have the time to read twenty books and hundreds of research studies. I knew that people needed clarity over their health and a simple message to follow. I wanted to write an overview of health that was easy and fun to read. I wanted to make the complicated research simple and accessible. Yet, I was riddled with self-doubt.

One Sunday on a train outside Taipei, I found the courage to write my book. I started talking to a group of Malaysian tourists. They were stopping at a town called Shifen, and asked me if I wanted to join them. Shifen is an old mining town, and a sacred place for the Taiwanese. Their tradition is to write wishes on paper lanterns and to send them into the air over train tracks. A clairvoyant once told me “If you want something from the universe, you have to ask for it.” As my new Malaysian friends let loose their lanterns decorated with wishes, I squeezed my eyes shut and wished for the courage to write my book.

On the train back to Taoyuen, I pressed “shuffle” on my iPod. The first song to play was “Free” by The Lighthouse Family.

“I wish I knew how it would feel to be free. I wish I could break all the chains holding me”.

A month earlier I had read Vishen Lakhiani’s book “Code Of The Extraordinary Mind”. I didn’t connect with it at the time, but now it all made sense. I realised that that I was a prisoner of my own self-limiting beliefs. In reality, I could create anything that I set my mind to!

I felt courage corse through my body, and I was flushed with euphoric freedom. I felt calm and sure of myself, and as though the universe was supporting me. My wish had been granted. I was certain that I would share my message, which would enhance the lives of many. This was a life changing moment for me. No longer was I going to follow the path that I had decided for myself. While my path seemed less certain now than ever before, I had never felt so sure.

I have finally conquered my self-doubt. I now know that I was the best person to write HEALTHY HAPPY 100.

I am a regular person who extracted the golden nuggets from health research and put them into practice. I feel that it would be a disservice to you not to share this knowledge. After all, why wouldn’t you want to feel fantastic every day?

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