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My Story

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In July 2018, England were playing football in the World Cup semi-final. I couldn't watch the game because I was selling jewellery at a psychic fair in Leeds. I was stuck in a rut! Overwhelmed by stress and workload, I had quit my teaching job the previous year. A medium with a stand next to mine wanted a bracelet, and offered me a psychic reading as payment. Little did I know that this reading was about to transform my life in the most extraordinary way.

The clairvoyant told me.… “You need get the passion back in to your work life”. I knew she was right. I used to be so passionate about work. These days, I was more focussed on making money rather than helping people. On the long drive back from Leeds to London I made a life changing decision.

That evening I told my family…“I’m moving abroad!”

“Where to?” my dad inquired, with a bemused expression on his face.


“I have no idea!” I said. My parents knew me well enough to believe that I would go.


A few months later I was on an airplane bound for Taiwan. I had a job lined up teaching English in a high school there. As I sipped my lukewarm tea, I felt an an intense fear wash over me. Questions started racing through my mind.… What on earth are you doing? Have you gone completely mad? What if you don’t like the place?

I settled into my teaching routine in the concrete jungle that was Taoyuen, a suburb outside Taipei. I managed to overcome the language barrier with some basic Mandarin phrases and Google Translate. Fortunately for me, teaching English in Taiwan was far less demanding than teaching languages in an English school. You could even put your head on the desk to take a nap if you wanted!


One morning riding a “Youbike” to school, I felt absolutely awful. I scolded myself for drinking too much the night before. Why do I do this to myself? I thought. Isn’t there more to life than this? I had an epiphany. The only time I genuinely felt fantastic was when I drank alcohol. I wondered, Why do I need alcohol to feel great? Why can’t I feel fantastic all the time? I went on a quest to find out.


I gave up alcohol for a few months and threw myself into researching health. As I was living all alone in a foreign country, I had plenty of time to spare. Just like everybody else I knew, I was confused by my health. Through my research, I began to understand why we had been given such bad advice in the past, and the secrets to living a long and vibrant life. I read countless health books and research papers about nutrition, healing and ageing. Some of the research was so damn complicated. Annoyingly, researchers would use unnecessarily difficult terminology. It was as though they didn’t want regular people to understand their writing. I had to massively upgrade my vocabulary, and looked up every medical term I didn’t know. Pretty soon, I was able to read even the most complicated research. Another annoyance was that much of the health advice I learned was aimed at rich people. I didn’t have the money to bank my stem cells to re-inject in thirty years' time!


The more I learnt about health, the more enthusiastic I became about the subject. The more passionate I felt about health, the healthier I became. One day I realised that I didn’t need willpower any more. I understood the effect that food, drink and exercise had on my mind and body. I was super-motivated to exercise and eat healthily. It was fun and it was easy! 


Armed with the correct information, I transformed my body. I lost weight and had more energy than ever before. Even my mind felt sharper! I had cracked the health code, and I was thrilled to have accomplished my mission. I found myself talking passionately about health to everybody who would listen. The Jehovah’s Witnesses on the streets of Taoyuen were certainly well versed in health! I was always thrilled to hear that someone had put my advice into practice and felt better for it. 


It began to dawn on me that no matter how loud I shouted about health, very few people would hear me. I knew that I could help people to transform their health, just as I had done to my own body. I understood that people didn’t have the time to read twenty books and hundreds of research studies. I knew that people needed clarity over their health and a simple message to follow. I wanted to write an overview of health that was easy and fun to read. I wanted to make the complicated research simple and accessible. 

When I look back on my life, I realise that every step I took led me towards becoming a writer. I believe that it’s my duty to serve humanity in the best way I know how. I know how to research, I know how to write, and I know how to motivate people to become their best selves. 


Peter Diamandis said, “The best way to become a billionaire is to help a billion people.” 


If I can help you, perhaps you can help a friend, who can help a friend of theirs!




That’s the butterfly effect.

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